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Kevin Bacon Hoof Dressing Original: 1 Litre

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A laurel balm for the care and protection of horses' hooves.

Instructions for use:

- Normal use:

Apply the hoof dressing to the hoof walls and soles three to four times a week.

- More intensive use :

1- Hose down the feet,

2- Dry off,

3- Coat with hoof dressing.

4- Repeat this process every day for 8 days.

Also available in black (no tar plant clogs the pores of the horn) natural dye slightly antiseptic.

HOOF DRESSING Laurel balm for the care and protection of horses' hooves.

Good hooves call for the use of top quality products, for one, to keep them supple elastic and balanced.

HOOF DRESSING which has been manufactured by traditionam methods for more than 25 years, reflects just this philosophy.

HOOF DRESSING is a 100% natural product made from animal fat and fresh laurel leaves that have been macerated to release their active substances.

HOOF DRESSING does not merely give the horn a pretty shine. It penetrates the horn to nourish the hoof deep down.

Regular use of HOOF DRESSING prevents the hoof wall from drying, protects it from the wet, and activates horn growth.

All of these properties make HOOF DRESSING a remarkable product that is used and recommended by all riding professionals.

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