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Aubiose Hemp Bedding 42 X 20kg (Pallet)



Aubiose Hemp Bedding - Pallet of 42

Derived from the soft core of the hemp plant, the superior quality remains consistent and there is always a ready supply.

Clearly the best. Apart from significantly cutting down the workload and stable management Aubiose can greatly contribute to the general well being of the horse and rider - Especially if the animal suffers from respiratory problems. Tests carried out at Bristol University proved that the horses suffering from C.O.P.D (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) may be safely bedded on Aubiose. Aubiose Because . . .. Aubiose is derived from the soft centre of the hemp plant. Aubiose is cultivated without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or insecticides. Aubiose absorbs up to 12 times more urine then straw and 4 times more than shavings. Aubiose - spongy by nature helps prevent the horse treading through to the floor. Aubiose - competitively price and economical to use.

Aubiose - Skip out daily, clean out wet every 5 -7 days.

Aubiose - top up bed with approx one bale per week.

Aubiose is simple to store, carry and spread.

Aubiose keeps the horse warm and rarely presents a wet surface.

Aubiose has a spongy texture, which traps odours.

Aubiose is unattractive to flies and parasites.

Aubiose is durable longer lasting, hence less work.

Aubiose comes in heavy-duty plastic bags. Easy to stock and store.

Aubiose quickly decomposes in to a highly organic fertiliser.

Aubiose is ideal for gardeners, nurseries, fields and mushroom growing.

Quick and easy to use

Dampen the Initial bed with water - typically one watering can full per bale - This will help the bed to settle. Horses are not usually tempted to eat Aubiose but as they can be inquisitive we recommend the bed be sprinkled with a weak solution of safe disinfectant when first laid. Ensure the horse has access to its normal ration of forage. Deep litter System; disturb the bed as little as possible. This will help Aubiose contain ammonia smells and discourage insects. Add fresh Aubiose as required - typically 2 bales after 10 - 15 days. Alternatively remove droppings daily and wet bedding as necessary. (Every 5 - 7 days). Rake the dry bedding to one side; remove any wet material from underneath and top up with fresh Aubiose. Natural Disposal Aubiose is produced from young plants and breaks down easily into humus generating a small volume of manure. It takes up much less space in the yard and has value as a natural fertiliser.


Please note that we do not offer pallet deliveries to the following postcodes:

'DG' 'EH15-26/EH31-46' 'EX 19-23/EX 38-39' 'FK10' 'G13-15/G60-64/G81-84' 'KA1-26/29-30' 'KY2-5' 'LD' 'LL37-39/42-49/51-56/58-78' 'ML10-12' 'PA1-19' 'PL' 'SA61-73' 'SY10-11/SY 16-25' 'TD' 'TQ4-10' 'TR1-16' 'DD' 'FK8-9/FK 11-21' 'KY1/KY6-16/KY99' 'PH1-18' 'AB' 'IV1-28/30-32/36/55-56/63/99' 'KW1-3/5-14' 'TR17-27, TR93' 'PA21-38/41' 'PH19-26/30.41/49-50' 'IV40-49/51-54' 'KW15-17' 'HS' 'PA20' 'KA27' 'PA42-49/62-75' 'KA28' 'PA60-61/76-78/42-44' 'PO30-41' 'IM' 'JE' 'GY1-8' 'GY9'

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