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Dengie Hi-Fi Lite 20kg

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Dengie Hi-Fi Lite 20kg

Hi-Fi LITE is the maintenance feed for horses and ponies at risk from laminitis. Specially formulated with a low sugar coating, Hi-Fi Lite provides slow release energy to help keep laminitics strong and healthy. Hi-Fi Lite is made from alfalfa which is high temperature dried - locking in the natural goodness - and then blended with quality soft straw to provide essential nutrition. Alfalfa is an excellent natural source of antioxidants and it is proven to improve the quality and quantity of hoof growth (Vet Record, 1987).


Hi-Fi Lite is ideal as the sole bucket feed and when combined with a broad-spectrum supplement, such as Dengie Optimum will provide a balanced diet. Where additional condition is needed, or for those horses with a higher energy requirement, Dengie Alfa-Beet or Alfa-A Lite can be added in place of conventional mixes or cubes. Hi-Fi LITE can also be fed as a hay replacer. Naturally lower in sugar than hay, Hi-Fi Lite can be fed, on a weight for weight basis, as a low sugar alternative to hay or haylage. Hi-Fi LITE is a short chop that takes as long to chew as the equivalent weight of hay or haylage, helping to keep horses occupied and satisfied. For horses on restricted grazing, Hi-Fi Lite is ideal as it delivers sufficient fibre to maintain gut function.


The alfalfa in Hi-Fi Lite is dried at a very high temperature which effectively sterilises the product, killing moulds. Efficient extraction processes ensure Hi-Fi Lite has a low dust content making it ideal for horses and ponies prone to respiratory allergies.

Typical analysis (%) as fed Protein

10 Oil 1.5 Fibre 40 Ash (mineral) 9


Alfalfa, Oat Straw, Molasses Extract, Mould Inhibitor, Antioxidant. Contains permitted EC preservatives and antioxidants: Propionic acid and its salt, Sorbic and Phosphoric acid and Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA).

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