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Elim-A-Net Small Hole Haynet: Red: Cob

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Elim-A-Net Small Hole Haynet

The Elim-a-Net is much more than your average small holed hay/haylage net. Designed to regulate forage consumption, prolong feeding time and encourage horses to eat little and often, as nature intended.The ‘Inner Net Design’™ creates a physical barrier which alters the shape and size of the holes compared to a standard haynet to prevent rapid forage consumption and over eating.The carefully researched, unique design of Elim-a-Net™ overcomes an age old problem of horses and ponies gorging on forage, allowing horse owners to regulate their consumption and encourage the little and often concept, just as nature intended. Elim-a-Net™ is a MUST for every horse owner looking to encourage a slower, more natural eating pattern. Elim-a-Net™ is an ideal solution for feeding a greedy or overweight equine, for horses and ponies suffering from/prone to laminitis or prone to weight related conditions, as well as easing boredom and helping to alleviate vices in horses stabled for longer periods of time and horses on box rest.Elim-a-Net™ is suitable for use with hay and haylage. When used it has already been seen to offer a host of benefits including:Regulates forage consumptionMaintains a healthy digestive systemProlongs feeding timeEliminates the need for double nettingPrevents overfeedingLess wasteLess messCost effectivePrepare in advancePerfect for use in the:stablefieldhorsebox/trailer

For use with Ponies up to 13.2hh

Also suitable for use with larger equines that require further forage regulation

Mesh Size - 25mmCapacity (approx) - 6.5kgs/14lbs haylage, 3.5kgs/7lbs hayLength - 76cms

Suitable for use with hay and haylage

Extra strong with metal rings top and bottom



For a healthy, happy horse the solution is simple...feed the efficient way... feed the Elim-a-Net™ Way!

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