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Equilibrium Massage Pad

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Equilibrium Massage Pad

Reward, Relax and Release your horse’s potential

A lightweight and portable massage pad, clinically proven to improve back flexibility and

promote relaxation.

● Shaped to follow the contours of the horse’s back, providing coverage from withers

to quarters.

● Battery operated 30-minute sessions.

● Three different, easily adjustable programs that allow you to choose the intensity of

the massage.

● 2-year product warranty.

NOW Available in a new size option for Ponies and Large Horses – see the Pony Massage

Pad and XL Massage Pad for more details.

Contains 1 x Equilibrium Massage Pad, 1 x Equilibrium Bag, 1 x Equilibrium Battery, 1 x Equilibrium

International Charger.

Colour: Grey

Additional Information.

The Equilibrium Massage Pad was developed through clinical trials at Myerscough College,

UK. The innovative design provides effective, affordable equine massage. Proven to improve

back flexibility and promote relaxation in horses, the Equilibrium Massage Pad was created

to help a successful ex-racehorse.

How does the Massage Pad work?

The Equilibrium Massage Pad has three different settings, which can be selected easily from

the controller. This allows you to select the intensity of the program to suit your horse. Each

program has three types of massage: pulsing, vibration and stroking, which ensures muscles

are worked in different ways.

● The low setting can be used to cool down after work.

● The medium setting is ideal to warm up muscles before exercise.

● The high setting for when your horse requires a more intense massage.

Each session will last for 30 minutes however, this can be manually stopped at any time.

It comes in a handy carry bag, which makes it ideal for use at home and away. It is easy to

store in the tack room and can be wiped clean. The bag also has storage spots which can be

used for items such as the battery and charger.

It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the hand-held Massage Mitt or the Massage

Mitt Hotspot for an all over massage.

If you have a pony under 14hh or 5’6 rug sizes, you may want to look at the Pony Massage

Pad. Alternatively, if your horse is over 16.2hh in 6’6 rugs and above you may want to look

at our XL Massage Pad.

The Equilibrium Massage Pad can be used for:

● Horses on box rest to maintain good blood flow

● After exercise to help support recovery

● Before exercise as part of warm up

● At a show to relax after travelling

● On your horse’s day off as part of a maintenance programme

● Anytime as a reward.

Clinical Trials

The Equilibrium Massage Pad was tested by Myerscough College in Lancashire, UK.

The results showed that the massage pad offers significant benefits to working horses,

which include improving back flexibility and promoting relaxation and can show an increase

in stride length.

Test Methods

The trial investigated the effects of massage on well-schooled horses. Signs of stress or

relaxation were measured immediately before, during and after the application of the

Equilibrium Horse Massage Pad over a six-week period. Secondly, the horses were assessed

in terms of flexibility and suppleness. There were two groups of horses – a treated group

and a control group.

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