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GWF OneCup for Horses 3kg Pouch

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Gwf Nutrition OneCup 3kg Pouch

Provides 22 Essential Daily Vitamins and Minerals

Feed for less than £0.30 per day

OneCup is a high specification complementary feed supplement designed to provide all horses and ponies with 22 essential daily vitamins and minerals; simply and economically.

When should I feed OneCup to my horse?

OneCup should be fed to all horses and ponies that require little in the way of traditional feeding stuffs to maintain condition 'good doers' , but will benefit from the addition of essential daily vitamins and minerals.

A 100gm (£0.30) measure of OneCup provides approximately ten times (10x) the level of vitamins and trace elements as most general equine feeds, such as pony nuts.

2 Measures (20gms) / Day

Full Support

OneCup for Horses 6kg Bucket

​Provides all horses and ponies with 22 essential daily vitamins and minerals in just OneCup.

What are the key benefits of using OneCup for Horses?

Provides 22 essential daily vitamins and minerals.

Complements all chaffs, forages and basic feeds.

Costs less than £0.30 per day to feed.

No mess.

No wastage.

Consistency in every cup.

Manufactured as very palatable and easily digested 3mm pellets; perfect for mixing with the horse's normal feed.

Quick and easy to feed.

What is the difference between OneCup for Horses and Equilibra 500 Feed Balancer?

OneCup for Horses is a convenient, no mess and no wastage way of providing essential vitamins and minerals to your horse or pony on a daily basis.

While Equilibra 500 + Omega 3 also does this, it has been formulated with digestive / overall health as the key benefit and, as such, provides the following additional benefits to the horse or pony:

Yeast cultures to aid fibre digestion and create a beneficial environment for friendly bacteria in the hind gut.

Natural antioxidants to maintain high levels in the blood and support long term health.

Omega 3 fatty acids to support the natural anti-inflammatory action of the body and also maintaining insulin sensitivity.

Prebiotics as nourishment for beneficial bacteria and aid the natural expulsion of antagonists from the digestive tract.

Microscopic toxin binders to also aid the natural expulsion of antagonists from the body.

Oat bran soluble fibres (beta-glucans) to help maintain an active immune system and support the natural self defence process to deal with antagonists that reach the blood system.

The Oatinol™ Delivery System. A blend of galactolipid natural emsulsifiers, natural tocotrienol antioxidants, oat derived beta glucans and phospholipids, required to maintain gut cell integrity, maintain the lining of the gut, support the immune system and aid the absorption of nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.

Equilibra 500 Feed Balancer remains the key product in the GWF Nutrition Feeding Programme to establish digestive health and provide top performance from all horses or ponies.

Contains 22 Essential Daily Vitamins and Minerals

With every 100gm cup, OneCup provides all horses and ponies with the following vitamins and minerals:

Storage Advice

This product should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.


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