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Henry Bell Micronised Flaked Barley 20kg

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Henry Bell Micronised Barley 20kg

Flaked Barley is produced by the process of cooking and flaking, called micronisation. This process makes the product more easily digestible, and therefore more palatable to the animal. PRODUCT DESRIPTION Whole grain barley, micronized then rolled to produce a flake smaller than a 5 pence piece (of UK origin)

PRODUCT FEATURES Colour: Pale gold / beige Appearance: Unblemished Texture: Firm Odour: Agreeable and Healthy


(approx - please note due to product/crop variation may occur)

Moisture: 11% (maximum 15%) Protein: 11% LIMITS OF USAGE Suitable for all diets where barley is normally included. Should not be used in broiler or turkey grower diets: high inclusions should be avoided in poultry diets.


This product should not contain any type of foreign body, for example stones, wood or metal.


At sale, this product should not contain any contaminants such as Aflatoxins, heavy metals or pesticide residues above the statutory marginal values for the relevant substances, as tested for annually. Monthly salmonella testing is also carried out as per DEFRA recommendations.

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