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Marksway Applechaff 12.5kgs

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Marksway Applechaff 12.5kg

A dust-free low sugar chaff with the natural goodness of apple. Adds fibre and bulk to horses and ponies diets, prolonging feeding time and aiding digestion. AppleChaff is a new addition tot he well-known range of Mollichaff Original, Extra and Herbal high fibre chaffs. Made from high quality straw, dust-extracted and lightly mixed with low sugar molasses, AppleChaff contains natural apple pieces and apple flavouring to give it a very appetising taste and smell. It is therefore ideal for fussy feeders, or simply to add variety tot he diet. AppleChaff can be fed alone or as part of a forage ration, but it is more usually added to concentrates to prolong feeding time, prevent bolting of feed, and help reduce boredom. It also promotes good digestion by stimulating the production of saliva and slowing down the passage of food through he gut. AppleChaff can also be used as a base to mix with supplements or medication when the horse or pony is not normally fed concentrates.

Feeding Recommendations:

Feed as required to bulk out hard feeds, or alone as part of the forage ration. Feed dry or dampened according to preference. Additional forage such as HorseHage dust-free bagged forage or hay it should be fed and, as with all dietary changes, AppleChaff should be introduced gradually.

Typical analysis

Energy MJ/kg 7.5

Protein % 4.0 - 6.5

Crude Fibre % 24

Oil % 0.8

Ash % 10.5

Calcium % 1.3

Phosphorus % 0.2

Sodium % 0.2

Potassium % 1.9

Magnesium g/kg 2.7

Vitamin A iu/kg None added

Vitamin D iu/kg None added

Vitamin E mg/kg None added

Vitamin B1 mg/kg None added

Vitamin B2 mg/kg None added

Vitamin B6 mg/kg None added

Vitamin B12 mg/kg None added

Folic Acid mg/kg None added

Niacin mg/kg None added

Pantothenic Acid mg/kg None added

Choline Chloride mg/kg None added

Selenium mg/kg None added

Zinc mg/kg None added

Manganese mg/kg None added

Iron mg/kg None added

Copper mg/kg None added

Biotin mg/kg None added

Starch % 0.5

Sugar % 17 - 22

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