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Marksway Mollichaff Showshine With Cherry 12.5kgs

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Marksway Mollichaff Showshine With Cherry 12.5kg

Mollichaff ShowShine is a high oil chaff that contains a unique coating combining high levels of soya oil with low sugar molasses to give a bloom to the coat and added condition. With the unique cherry flavouring ShowShine has a delicious taste and smell making it highly palatable to even the fussiest of feeders. Cherry has been scientifically proved to be one of the horses favourite flavours in trials using citrus, apple and teaberry. The inclusion of cherry flavour possibly makes it one of the most palatable chaffs available today. ShowShine is made from the highest quality oat straw providing an excellent source of natural fibre. With the added benefits of limestone ShowShine provides additional calcium for strong bones and healthy growth. The 9% oil in ShowShine ensures that maximum condition is gained without causing fizziness. ShowShine is an excellent alternative to feeding cereals. ShowShine can also be used in place of hard feed if it is fed alongside a broadspectrum vitamin and mineral supplement or feed balancer.

Typical analysis

Energy MJ/kg 9.5

Protein % 4.0 - 5.5

Crude Fibre % 23

Oil % 9.0

Ash % 9.0

Calcium % 1.2

Phosphorus % 0.2

Sodium % 0.15

Potassium % 1.5

Magnesium g/kg 2.0

Vitamin A iu/kg None added

Vitamin D iu/kg None added

Vitamin E mg/kg None added

Vitamin B1 mg/kg None added

Vitamin B2 mg/kg None added

Vitamin B6 mg/kg None added

Vitamin B12 mg/kg None added

Folic Acid mg/kg None added

Niacin mg/kg None added

Pantothenic Acid mg/kg None added

Choline Chloride mg/kg None added

Selenium mg/kg None added

Zinc mg/kg None added

Manganese mg/kg None added

Iron mg/kg None added

Copper mg/kg None added

Biotin mg/kg None added

Starch % 0.6

Sugar % 12 - 15

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