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Nupafeed Staying Power 1 Litre

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Nupafeed Staying Power 1 Litre

Nupafeed Staying Power is a patented, L-carnitine based, energy supplement for horses. Developed to support healthy energy metabolism for improved stamina, strength and recovery without causing short term fizz.

Nupafeed Staying Power Liquid is easy and flexible to feed for short or long term use. Concentrated Syringes are available for convenience or to be used with the Liquid for an added boost.

Staying Power is the ideal energy supplement for any horse that tires easily, to maximise athletic output in performance horses or to help with heat or travel fatigue. It can be especially useful for horses with special dietary requirements including those needing calorie controlled or grain free diets.

The horse’s herbivorous diet is naturally very low in L-Carnitine, so they rely almost entirely on what the body is able to synthesise in the liver. Consequently, horses or ponies performing demanding work are likely to benefit from L-Carnitine supplementation.

Staying Power is the only supplement containing pharmaceutical grade liquid L-carnitine, uniquely developed with Verla-Pharm’s MAH® (magnesium aspartate-hydrochloride) to help facilitate absorption. Magnesium is also very important for muscle performance, healthy glucose metabolism and electrolyte balance.

Staying Power boosts your horse’s energy and stamina by improving the transport of fatty acids for energy metabolism. L-Carnitine is also used as a buffer inside the cell, helping to maintain a favourable environment for energy production. Both L-carnitine and magnesium are associated with reduced lactate accumulation, a marker of fatigue and muscle soreness. These factors delay fatigue and aid recovery.

Staying Power is a great muscle supplement for horses. L-carnitine has been shown to improve muscular adaptations to exercise in horses by supporting growth of fast twitch muscle fibres and blood supply, factors which greatly contribute to muscle performance.

Staying Power is the perfect energy supplement for overweight horses or ponies and those prone to laminitis. Not only does it help to improve exercise capacity without adding calories, it encourages the use of fat stores as an energy source. Staying Power also supports many aspects of healthy energy metabolism and circulation.

Product features

Unique patented formula to support stamina and strength

Supports healthy energy metabolism; no carbohydrates

Effective for long or short term use

Ideal for horses with special dietary requirements for any reason.

LGC Screened and suitable for competition under all rules including FEI and BHA

Staying Power Feeding Information

Staying Power

Staying Power takes around three hours for complete absorption. It stays at a peak level in your horses’ system for a further three hours before gradually declining throughout the day. It is worth keeping this in mind so you can adjust how much you feed, and when you feed, to suit your needs.

To build strength, to support muscle health or to support a healthy metabolism:

It is necessary to feed Staying Power every day. The optimum feeding rate is 5ml per 100Kg given twice daily. For example, a 500Kg horse would receive 25ml morning and night.

You can double this amount the evening before and in the morning of more strenuous exercise. The double amount can be maintained for as long as you need e.g. when competing on consecutive days.

For low exercise tolerance, young horses, fittening etc:

Feed as above but you can vary the amount according requirement i.e. how much your horse is working, heat, ground etc. You may find that it is sufficient to feed Staying Power only once a day.

If you do not need the benefit of Staying Power all of the time:

For irregular occurrences (lessons, competition, travelling etc.), feed a double amount the day before and on the day. Maintain the double amount for as long as is needed.


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