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St Hippolyt Linustar 25kgs

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St Hippolyt Linustar 25kgs

For a silky coat and a well-balanced digestion

Like Velvet and Silk

When the sun puts a spell on mane and tail and the horse’s back reflects the shimmering light, we are delighted about this shiny presentation, abo ut the horse’s health and vitality. Yeast and linseed promote the intestinal health and contribut e to a dazzling appearance.

The golden yellow linseed is gently cracked open in a pate nted process and has proven to maintain the horse’s silky coat as well as to support the proper functio ning of the intestinal tract of emaciated horses or horses that tend to colic. LinuStar also serves to protect th e gastric mucosa – even with existing gastric ulcers.

rich in high-quality mucilage

rich in omega-3 fatty acids

no cracking or cooking necessary

Naturally low in hydrocyanic acid

The golden yellow linseed in low in hydrocyanic acid an d does not require any heating. This protects all the ben eficial ingredients such as omega 3-fatty acids, vitamin E and the valuabl e mucilage.

Patented decomposition process

Cracking is a smooth decomposition process causing hairline r uptures to the shell of the seed. It is still protected against oxidation and deterioration. However, if it comes in cont act with liquids like water or the digestive secretions, the shell macerates and the mucilage and all other nutrients are available for the organism.

Feeding Recommendation

Add approx. 10 to 20 g per 100 kg body weight and day to concentrated feed or IrishM ash. If necessary, the double quantity can be tempo rarily fed.

Application for the stomach:

Soak LinuStar in hot water (approx. 80°C) for appro x. 25 min. The formation of mucus becomes immediate ly apparent. Only feed in combination with concentrated feed or IrishMash. The mucilage forms a protective film to cover the gastric mucosa.

Application for the colon:

Add dry LinuStar to the concentrated feed. The lins eed gradually macerates during digestion and releas es the mucilage into the colon.


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