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Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Gel Pad

Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Gel Pad

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Cavallo's Enhanced Protection Gel Pads are designed to provide your horse with extra protection and comfort when transitioning from metal shoes to barefoot, riding on rough terrain, or for rehabilitation during an injury. The thermoplastic elastomer is pliable and moves into the sole cavity to stimulate blood flow and circulation which can speed up the healing process and promote hoof health. These pads are removable and easy to cut and fit to your horse's boots, and they can provide excellent shock absorption while slightly tightening the fit of looser boots, as well as stimulating the sole, bar, and frog. These Gel Pads are recommended for temporary use with Cavallo Hoof Boot styles in sizes 0-6, and they are an excellent addition to the protection of Cavallo Hoof boots.

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