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Cavallo Sport Boots

Cavallo Sport Boots

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The Cavallo Sport Boots provide an all-terrain, lightweight and comfortable solution for your horse’s hooves. Featuring a surefooted lower profile sole, unique tread pattern, 1000 denier nylon upper, integrated high density inner rim and specially-formulated thermo plastic urethane (TPU) compound, these boots support the frog and provide natural heel (skid) brake. The Regular Sole version is ideal for lighter riding and is shaped to fit a rounder hoof shape, while the Slim Sole version is designed for a narrower hoof and lighter riding. Each pair of Cavallo Sport Boots come with a free hoof pick and are great for comfort for chronic pain and hoof sensitivity, rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels. Not just for riding, Sport boots can be used for protection during trailering and breeding or taken on the trail as a “spare tire” for lost shoes. Measuring and fitting the boots is simple and easy, with the weight-bearing length indicating the size necessary. The boots feature a simple front fastening with industrial grade Velcro® closures, a moulded-in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance, foamed-filled collar and built-in sole relief. The reflective upper provides safer riding and the outsole pattern supports the hoof wall and minimizes build-up of mud, sand and debris.

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