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ComfyBed Plus Bedding Bale

ComfyBed Plus Bedding Bale

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Comfybed Plus Bedding is the perfect choice for equestrian use, as it is a premium and popular woodchip and woodshavings blend. We know that horse owners want the best for their horses and bedding is a key part of the bond between horse and rider. Features: - Dust extracted premium woodchips and woodshavings - High quality - Low cost - Less waste Directions: You will need 8-10 bales of Comfybed Plus to create a 12ftx12ft stable when not using rubber matting, and 6-8 bales when using matting. Edge banking is recommended to improve structure and increase lifespan. To set up, start by removing all existing bedding and dust from the stable, then spread Comfybed Plus around the stable to a depth of at least 6 inches. Use a shavings fork to set the bed, and add extra to the sides if a bank is necessary. Maintenance: It is important to keep the bedding clean and hygienic for your horse. Remove droppings daily with gloves or a shavings fork, and carefully toss the bedding around with a fork to help. Use a shovel to remove wet patches and move the dryer top layer to the banks of the bed. Add more Comfybed Plus as necessary to maintain a depth of at least 6 inches - usually once a week, but in some cases it can last much longer.

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