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Equine Ceed

Equine Exceed Cool Horse Bites

Equine Exceed Cool Horse Bites

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Cool Bites™ are perfect for horses in anxious or intense situations, such as clinics, competitions, clipping, hunting, box rest, loading, travelling and farrier/dentist visits. Their unique blend of natural ingredients, including the active ingredient L-Tyrosine, helps to promote calmness, focus and self-confidence without sacrificing performance. All Cool Bites™ are free of prohibited or restricted substances and are made from self-preserving ingredients, so no preservatives, chemicals or fillers are necessary. However, due to the Molasses content, Cool Bites™ are not recommended for horses with metabolic issues, laminitis, or sugar sensitivities, or horses on a closely-controlled diet. Each batch is handmade, so some variation in size may occur.

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