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Corral Offset Tape Insulator

Corral Offset Tape Insulator

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The Clip Insulator for Tape & Wire Rope offers a galvanised 6mm metal support for tapes up to 40mm width and polywire and ropes up to 6mm in diameter. This corner and distance insulator is equipped with a conductive rubber pad made of carbon fibres and an anti-slip alternating rubber pad structure. It can be used as an end, strain or corner insulator, and mounts easily without causing fatigue when straining tape. The Offset Tape Insulator is designed to keep live wires away from posts, with a support length of 20cm and a capacity of tapes up to 40mm wide. The Strainer allows for safe and easy straining of tape up to 40mm wide, making it easy to integrate into already existing fence lines. It can be installed with screws or nails.

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