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Corral Profi Fencing Tape

Corral Profi Fencing Tape

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This Kerbl Profi 200 m TriC Fencing Tape is the ideal choice for rotational grazing, pasture management, and other livestock fencing applications. The tape is made from a single, continuous filament of polyethylene, providing it with excellent durability. The use of our new conductor material TriCOND makes the tape 5 times more conductive, allowing for fences that are 5 times longer. Red edges are reinforced for easy installation, repair, and splicing. Accessories such as connectors, gate insulators, and gate handles should always be made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. This electric fence tape comes in a white-red colour and is 20 mm thick. It is 200 m in length and consists of 6 strands of 0.3 mm each.

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