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Corral Stranded Wire Galvvanised

Corral Stranded Wire Galvvanised

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This Corral Galvanised Stranded Fence Wire is great for easy installation and offers superior flexibility. This product is 1.5mm thick and features a resistance of 0.15 ohms and a breaking strength of 150kg. Our Galvanised Steel Wire is 1.8mm in diameter and has a resistance of 0.05 ohms, a breaking strength of 200kg, and is perfect for permanent fencing. Our High Tensile Steel Wire is 2.5mm in diameter and has a resistance of 0.035 ohms. It is zinc/aluminium alloy for superior corrosion protection that is 9 times stronger than galvanised wire. Our Aluminium Fencing Wire is 1.8mm in diameter and has excellent conductivity that is 4 times higher than conventional steel wire. It is lightweight and easy to handle during installation.

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