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Corral Super Ab 250 Rechargeable Battery Unit

Corral Super Ab 250 Rechargeable Battery Unit

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These rechargeable battery units are portable and convenient to use. They can be powered by high-capacity 12V rechargeable batteries. Offered in different sizes, each with a 3-year warranty, the Corral Battery Units are perfect for home or commercial use. Model Fence Size Max Voltage Max Input (joules) Max output (joules) AB250 10km 9,300v 2.3 1.5 AB450 Digital 30km 12,600v 5.4 3.0 A100 M 15km 9,200v 1.4 1.0 A280 25km 12,000v 4.5 2.8 NA100 Duo 10km 10,000v 1.1 0.8 NA200 Duo 15km 11.500v 2.6 1.8

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