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Equitop Myoplast 1.5kg

Equitop Myoplast 1.5kg

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EQUITOP MYOPLAST is an amino acid supplement designed to support healthy muscle growth. It contains 18 amino acids derived from spirulina, including 9 essential amino acids to support lean muscle growth. This special formula is presented in a sugar coated pearl granule which horses love and is suitable for all horses. EQUITOP MYOPLAST is tested free of doping relevant substances and is recommended for use in periods of intensive training, competitive activity, or when recommended by your veterinary surgeon. It can also be used to provide nutritional support for recuperating horses which are on restricted exercise programmes. Shop now at our ecommerce website and give your horse the essential amino acids they need to maintain muscle condition and gain most benefit from training and exercise. With EQUITOP MYOPLAST you can be sure your horse is getting the right nutrition to support healthy muscle growth.

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