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Global Herbs

Global Herbs Gobal Herbs Iron Aid Liquid 1 Litre

Global Herbs Gobal Herbs Iron Aid Liquid 1 Litre

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IronAid is a special combination of iron and fulvic acid that provides optimal red blood cell support for all horses and ponies. It provides a natural blood tonic with high absorbability, helping with energy levels, performance and overall vitality. IronAid contains iron sulphate, shilajit, creat and other natural ingredients such as trailing eclipta, boerhaavia diffusa, dudhi, gale of the wind, neem, country mallow, arjuna, prickly chaff flower, rohituka tree, chebulic myrobalan, bitter apple, makoi, wild indigo, indian fumitory, mango, holy basil, winter cherry, and amla. Feed 25ml daily to an average 500kg horse, reducing to half for maintenance levels. IronAid can be continuously fed all year long.

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