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JFC Ringfort Foal Feeder

JFC Ringfort Foal Feeder

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The JFC Ringfort Foal Creep Feeder is an efficient and reliable way of providing food to foals while in the presence of the mare or other grazing animals. It features a waterproof reservoir that can be filled from the top with feed, which is then distributed to four feeding points. Each feeding point is designed with an adjustable plate, enabling smaller foals to be fed at the same time as the mare, and a weatherproof flap to prevent birds and rain from accessing the feed. This labour-saving product reduces the time and effort needed to feed foals, making it ideal for any ecommerce website. Key Features: - Developed to provide a safe method to creep feed foals in the presence of their mothers - Adjustable openings to suit foal size/age - Feed nuts or pellets to foals to make them grow evenly, faster and healthier - Waterproof feed reservoir ensures clean, dry nuts or pellets at all times - Easily moved to another part of the field to prevent poaching - Four foals can be fed at once, or several foals ad-lib 24 hours a day - Rotationally moulded with low density polyethylene for strength and durability - Ballast system can be filled with sand or water for additional stability - 4 feeding ports allowing 4 foals to feed simultaneously - Suitable for use with nut or pellet type feeds

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