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LeMieux Arika Shower-Tek Fly Rug

LeMieux Arika Shower-Tek Fly Rug

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Experience ultimate comfort and protection with the Le Mieux Arika Shower-Tek Fly Rug: an innovative and exquisite hybrid rug carefully designed for unpredictable weather conditions. Its durable waterproof topline section shields the back from rain scald and UV bleaching, while its lightweight micro mesh offers protection against fly's and bugs, and promotes natural air flow. An extended shaped belly flap maximises coverage, and a three-strap closure with detachable central strap helps keep the rug in place. A two-part patented lower skirt system creates a break in the hemline, giving you a wider range of movement. Make the most of every ride with the unparalleled Le Mieux Arika Shower-Tek Fly Rug.

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