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Lillidale Silvermoor Grassabix With Linseed 1kg

Lillidale Silvermoor Grassabix With Linseed 1kg

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These 1kg blocks for horses and ponies provide a tasty treat that can be used as a snack, boredom buster or as an alternative forage. Easily compressed for convenience, they can be given directly from the bag or soaked in water to create a mash. The Magical Minty Unicorn blocks are infused with a touch of magic and sparkle, designed to give your horse or pony an extra boost. Linseed blocks are specially formulated with added conditioning linseed to improve skin and coat, support muscle development, contain antioxidants and are suitable for laminitics. Alternatively, try the TurmerAid blocks packed with all the goodness of turmeric to promote wellbeing and support healthy joints, digestion, and a shiny coat, while still being suitable for laminitics.

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