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Lillidale Silvermoor Magical Minty Unicorn Grassabix 1kg

Lillidale Silvermoor Magical Minty Unicorn Grassabix 1kg

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These 1kg blocks are an ideal snack for horses and ponies, providing a delicious mash when soaked in water. Compressed for ease of feeding, storage and handling, these treats are great for rewarding your four-legged friend or as a boredom buster. Magical Minty Unicorn Sprinkle this magical treat over your horse's feed to give them a little extra sparkle in their day. Linseed Enriched with linseed to condition the skin and coat, this snack is packed with natural antioxidants to support muscle development and recovery. Suitable for laminitics, it's the perfect addition to your horse's diet. TurmerAid Supercharged with TurmerAid, this tasty treat helps promote wellbeing in horses and ponies. With benefits such as healthy joints, improved digestion and a glossy coat, it's the perfect snack for laminitics.

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