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JFC Mini Horse Haybell

JFC Mini Horse Haybell

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The JFC HB03 Haybell is manufactured from tough, impact resistant and U.V stablised polyethylene and is designed for use with a standard hay bale. The Haybell is loaded through the removable lid at the top and protects hay in all weather conditions, minimising wastage due to trampling and fouling. The HB03 is easy to manoeuvre, allowing it to be moved around the paddock or field to avoid soil poaching and has three feeding ports for simultaneous feeding. 

Key Features: 

  • Manufactured from robust polyethylene it has no metal components making it extremely safe for use with animals. 

  • Designed to work with standard bales of hay or haylage.

  • Designed with 3 feeding ports it enables 3 horses to feed simultaneously.  

  • Protects hay in all weather conditions and minimises wastage due to trampling or fouling. 

  • Delivers superior nutrition retention by minimising nutrient loss from exposure to weather. 

Dimensions1250Ø x 1000H

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