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Naf Instant Biotics

Naf Instant Biotics

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This multi-dose syringe provides a convenient and easy way to give your horse pre and probiotics. Perfect for times of stress, such as competitions, travelling, foal heat or after antibiotics or worming, this supplement is designed to help keep your horse's gut microbiome stable. Containing FOS and MOS prebiotics, as well as a live probiotic yeast for improved digestibility, this supplement can be given orally as required. The dosage varies depending on the situation: 10ml per day for peak times, 5ml for normal use and 5ml for foals. Ingredients include soybean oil (genetically modified soyabeans), whey powder, dextrose, Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS 4%), and yeast products (MOS 3%).

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