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Shires Arma Cross Country Boots Hind Black

Shires Arma Cross Country Boots Hind Black

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The Shires ARMA XC Hinds Boots provide 360° high impact protection for your horse when tackling a Cross Country course. The ARMORTEX® strike pads protect your horse from knocks and blows, as well as being puncture resistant to keep them safe. Lightweight and flexible, these boots are designed to contour to the shape of your horses' legs, providing great protection without compromising their performance. Quick dry, breathable, and durable, you can have the peace of mind that your horse's legs are well protected without causing discomfort. Key Features: 360° protection Secure, touch close straps Quick dry High impact protection ARMORTEX® abrasion resistant strike pads Breathable cooling system Contour to the horses' leg for secure fit Durable Lightweight and flexible

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