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20 Questions for Your Horse

No equestrian can have been immune from occasionally wishing that their horse could talk! Of course, our horses do speak to us in a variety of ways, but a grasp of the English language would certainly come in handy sometimes.

If your horse could talk to you what would like to ask him? You probably have a long list of searching questions that you would love to put to your mount! But here’s 20 questions for you if you are struggling to think of a good equine ice breaker.

  1. Why would you roll in the mud when I have just cleaned your beautiful coat?
  2. Why don’t you like the expensive and healthy feed that I have just spent a fortune on? Do you have no taste?
  3. Where the hell is that costly turnout rug that I treated you to last week? It took me ages to choose it.
  4. I have just repaired the fence around your paddock so why have you chosen this week to run at it?
  5. Why don’t you like your new farrier? He’s good at his job and rather handsome so I would prefer it if you could learn to appreciate him.
  6. What on earth has the new horse at the yard done to offend you? Your unfriendly attitude to the new arrival is causing problems so could you please learn to get on?
  7. You have lived in the countryside all of your life so why are you spooked by cows?
  8. Why did you refuse that oxer last week when we were close to winning the competition?
  9. We have walked to the local village on numerous occasions so why have you suddenly decided to fear the postman?
  10. Do you have psychic powers? You always seem to know when I am about to ask you to do something that you don’t like.
  11. Why don’t you like my best friend? She is a perfectly good rider and it would really help me if she could exercise you when I am busy with work. After all, if I can’t work, I can’t afford your food!
  12. Why were you in such a bad mood yesterday? I only wanted to groom your tail!
  13. What’s wrong with your new stable? I know moving to a new house can be stressful, but I did all the hard work!
  14. Why do you panic as soon as you see your horsebox? Nothing bad has ever happened to you on the road.
  15. Why don’t you like water jumps? It won’t hurt you to get your feet wet and the idea is to clear the water anyway!
  16. Why do you always have to be the leader? There’s nothing wrong with walking behind your friends occasionally.
  17. What’s wrong with carrots? I know you love your apples but sometimes I run out.
  18. You have seen plenty of rabbits and none of them have ever attacked you so why do they spook you?
  19. What would I do without out you?
  20. Do you know how much I love you?

What questions would you ask?


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