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A Guide to Horse Grooming Equipment

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Grooming should be carried out as part of your routine horse care. It not only has important benefits for your horse (especially their skin), but it can help to keep you fit too! Basic grooming involves brushing your horse's body in the direction of the hair growth (in order to get rid of mud and dust); tidying his mane and tail and picking out his feet. There are many pieces of horse grooming equipment available to buy, some of which are vital for your horse's wellbeing. The most important grooming supplies include a curry comb, dandy brush and hoof pick

Essential Horse Grooming Equipment

Curry Comb

A curry comb is used to loosen dirt and debris from a horse's skin, bringing it to the surface. It can also stimulate your horse's natural body oils in order to achieve a shinier, healthier looking coat. Curry combs are made from either plastic, rubber or metal and have teeth on one side and a handle on the other. Your hand slides into the handle, ensuring a firm grip. The metal curry combs are usually too harsh to use on your horse and are better for scrapping hair and dirt out of other brushes. The rubber curry combs are good for the main body but not on bony areas.

Dandy Brush

A dandy brush has stiff bristles that remove the debris that the curry comb brings up to the surface. Grooming should begin at the top of your horse's neck and special care should be taken to groom underneath the halter. Unlike the curry comb, this brush can be used gently on the outside of your horse's legs. I have a Bridleways dandy brush and it's served Henry and I well for a good couple of years. I particularly like that the handle features rubberised inserts, giving it a comfortable, secure hold.

Soft Body Brush

Yes, another brush. But I can assure you that they're all essential for proper horse grooming! This brush is generally used to remove dust and other small particles from parts of the horse's body that are more sensitive, including the face and inner legs. Its bristles are usually made from horse or goat hair or soft synthetic fibres.

Hoof Pick

This important piece of horse grooming equipment is used to pick the muck out of your horse's hooves. Hooves should be cleaned each day to prevent thrush or other problems which could lead to a horse becoming lame. Using a hoof pick also lets you look for any injuries on the hoof so that they can be treated as soon as possible. It is best to pick out the hooves before you ride to remove any stones and check them after the ride for any debris picked up while out and about.

Shedding Blade

This grooming item is used when a horse starts to shed his coat. It is a metal blade which is either straight or curved and has teeth. It is mostly used in spring once a horse begins to lose his winter coat and is very effective for the main body areas. It should be used gently as rough handling can easily irritate a horse‚Äôs skin and avoid the face, legs and sensitive parts.

Sweat Scraper

A sweat scraper removes sweat from your horse after riding or excess water when he's been washed down or bathed. It is often combined with a shedding blade as one tool. They are generally made from either metal or plastic and have a smooth edge.

These are just a few pieces of horse grooming equipment that you will need to invest in. There are many other pieces which you might find come in useful from time to time.


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