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A Low Flying Stable

Most of us have mislaid our keys or wallet from time to time. It can be really annoying when one of your possessions isn’t where it should be and you then have waste time looking for it. Smaller possessions are easily mislaid but you wouldn’t expect your stable to be on the missing list!

The Stable That Simply Disappeared

Richard Leap, 26, and his fiancé Yasmin Crawford-Glanville, 25 were recently shocked to find that their horses’ stable was missing from its field in Blaydon near Gateshead. Sonny and her foal Bronte had suddenly found themselves without a home. The timing of this disappearing act wasn't ideal as snow was forecast for the North East. So where had the stable gone?

High Winds in Gateshead

It turned out that high winds had picked the stable up and swept it away. Unbelievably, it had landed upright and almost intact in the middle of an adjacent road. Barlow lane was completely blocked by the stable which made for a truly surreal sight.

Road Block

Richard and Yasmin had been making their way to work early in the morning and had no idea that their stable had flown into the road near their home. They received a call from Yasmin’s mother to tell them about the incident. There was no reason to think that the stable was vulnerable as they had rented the field for two years without any issues. But freak winds of 60mph had uprooted the entire structure. Then it was carried over a 4 metre hedge and dumped in the road, which was then completely blocked.

New Stable Required

A local farmer and council workers helped the couple by dismantling the stable with chainsaws so that the road could be opened to traffic. The stable is now a pile of firewood and the horses are without a home. Apparently both horses prefer to spend their time outside anyway. However, with arctic conditions forecast, the episode didn’t happen at the most convenient time. Richard and Yasmin are now intending to buy a new stable which they will ensure is firmly anchored to the ground!


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