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Abandoned Horses Cause Chaos at Golf Club

Sadly, many horses are abandoned when their owners find that they can no longer afford to care for them. The situation in the UK has been getting progressively worse over the last few years as the costs of horse ownership continue to rise. Whilst many of the abandoned animals end up on the roads or are simply left at yards, others find more unusual temporary homes.

Six Abandoned Horses

A group of six horses have caused havoc at Alresford Golf Club in Hampshire. The small herd has been running wild over the golf club’s property for more than two weeks causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage to the fairways and greens on the course.

Owners Unknown

Nobody knows who the horses belong to or how they ended up on the property. The course manager, Steve Privett, is at a loss as to what to do but knows that he will have to do something. He and his colleagues have managed to get the horses off the site, at least for now, and they are currently grazing in an unsecured field adjacent to the golf course. However, there is no guarantee that the horses won’t find their way back on to the fairways.

When the horses were roaming around the course they would bolt when any golfers appeared. The horses intimidated the golfers and also churned up the fairways and green. They simply wouldn’t let anyone get near them.

A Rock and A Hard Place

The club has now found itself between a rock and a hard place. The police can’t help, and the RSPCA can’t intervene because the horses are in good health. If the horses were to stay on the golf course for at least 96 hours, the club could claim ownership and then sell them, have them moved or destroyed. But the club don’t want them on the course for 96 hours in case they cause further serious damage. They do not have the facilities to properly house and care for the animals anyway.

Whose Horses?

Despite a fair amount of publicity, nobody has come forward with information as to who might have abandoned the horses. It is possible that someone has left the horses in the area for the winter and might collect them in the spring. But it is equally likely that their owner cannot afford to keep them and will not be coming back.

Hopefully a resolution to the problem will be found. One that delivers a happy and secure future for the six horses.


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