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All About Horse Girths

When it comes to horse riding it may feel that there is a never-ending list of accessories and tack that you need to buy. But you will quickly discover that there are many items which are not only essential to have but essential to get right. Horse girths are one of those essential things.

Horse Girths

A horse girth is a broad strap that is used to secure the saddle. They may be made from leather, cotton or other materials and come in a variety of widths, styles and lengths to suit your horse.

Horse girths have buckles on both ends which means that they can be attached to the saddle; and are also fully adjustable. It is essential that the girth is tight enough to hold the saddle in place but not so tight as to make your horse uncomfortable.

Selecting a girth sounds simple enough, but the truth is that knowing which girth is right for your horse can be tricky. They are often designed for a specific purpose such as dressage or jumping. Whilst the differences can be subtle the right choice of girth will improve your horse‚Äôs performance. It is also true that poor quality girths can cause them pain, discomfort and even issues such as girth galls.

Girth material

One of the first things to look at is the material that the horse girths is made from. Neoprene, cotton, leather and synthetic materials are all available and some girths feature elastic inserts.

The natural materials such as cotton and leather have always been popular with riders. That said, impressive synthetic materials have been developed and these can be moisture wicking and incredibly durable.


Some girths have elasticated sections at one or both ends. Some riders believe that this elastic gives a much greater freedom of movement for the horse; making them feel all the more comfortable.

There are those that disagree and argue that the elastic can, in fact, distort the pressure or encourage people to fasten the girth too tightly on their horse. Perhaps the truth is that different girths suit different animals.

Dressage, Jumping and Eventing

Girths are made to suit horses that take part in a variety of activities and each one will feature slightly different specifications to match the demands of the discipline or the style of the saddle.

Dressage girths are usually shorter as they are designed for dressage saddles which have longer girth straps (billets). Jumping girths or stud guards have a larger area in the centre of the girth to protect the horse from kicking itself as it tucks it's legs up over a jump.

Always select horse girths which are appropriate for your chosen discipline. You may have to experiment to find the perfect girth for your horse and you could require more than one girth if you enjoy participating in different riding activities. This is an issue that it is vital to get right if your saddle is not to slip and your horse is to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Try not to be swung by fads or fashions; these can change in the blink of an eye and all that really matters is which girth is best for your horse.

Here at Equi Supermarket we stock a wide range of horse girths. There is sure to be a great option for you in our carefully chosen collection.


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