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Anti Rub Vests for Horses

It’s Good to Accessorise

If you are new to riding or horse ownership you are probably feeling surprised about just how much equipment you need to purchase. In addition to the clothing and safety gear you require for yourself, you will need a wide array of tack, grooming equipment, and the right rugs with accessories to accompany them that might not have thought of - such as anti-rub vests for horses and rug cleaning products.

Your horse’s wardrobe is important and may feature several rugs and sheets to keep them warm, dry and protected throughout the seasons. Turnout rugs, stable rugs, fly sheets and cooler sheets are all important purchases. But when you have found the right rugs you still can’t rest on your laurels. The rugs are significant investments and so should be properly cared for in order to serve you well for several years.

There are a range of accessories to ensure that your carefully chosen horse rugs work well for your horse and also stand the test of time.

Anti-Rub Vests for Horses

Rugs are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, but horses also vary hugely in their shapes and weights. If you have a heavier breed of horse such as a Cob or Irish Draught, you may find a that even a good fitting rug can rub away the winter coat on their broad shoulders or chest area.

If you see signs of rubbing then your solution is anti rub vests for horses. These stretchy vests are simple to fit. They slip over your horse’s head and are then secured using an elastic surcingle which fastens around the girth area. The vests act as a comfortable additional skin to protect your horse from abrasions. Used underneath turnout and stable rugs, anti-rub vests provide protection for the shoulder and chest area but do not impede movement.

If you are considering buying anti rub vests for horses more prone to rubbing, it would be worth buying two so that while one is being cleaned you have a spare for your horse to wear.

Shoulder Guards

You may see anti-rub accessories referred to as shoulder guards. Like an anti-rub vest, a shoulder guard will prevent a rug from chafing your horse. Shoulder guards do not fit as snugly as a stretchy vest and may be padded for additional comfort.

Spare Straps & Surcingles

You will want your rugs and blankets to last as long as possible. If a leg strap or surcingle fails there is no need to discard the whole rug if the rest of it is in good condition. Simply replace the strap instead! Many rug brands have spares available to purchase at a fraction of the price of a new rug.

It is also a handy tip to have some string or bailing twine available for emergency use if a fillet strap breaks.

Rug Wash

Rugs should be washed regularly and the best way to do this is to use a proprietary rug wash. Rug washes prolong the life of your horse rugs and optimise their performance. The washes can be used in any washing machine and lift out the dirt that attracts water and impedes the waterproofing. Rug washes are formulated to maintain the water repellent qualities and breathability of the rugs.

Horse rugs are essential for your horse’s comfort and wellbeing, but the right accessories are equally crucial. You won’t regret your investment in the necessary accessories, and they will save you money in the long term by prolonging the life of your horse rugs. You will find everything you require here at Equi Supermarket and at the best prices.


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