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Are Waterproof Horse Riding Trousers Worth It?

Living in a country where it rains 133 days on average in the year, it becomes a recurring problem for equestrians to keep dry during long hours at the stables. We have all been there, ready to jump in the saddle and the heavens open. You are left dripping wet with Jodhpurs stuck to you and are more than likely to catch a cold. So, we thought we would take a closer look at waterproof horse-riding trousers.

Luckily, the equestrian market hasn’t let this go without seeking a remedy - enter waterproof horse riding trousers. I am going to start by saying that if you do not have a pair of these in your wardrobe, get some! For me these handy slip on trousers have been a lifesaver more than once. Most waterproof trousers allow you to wear jodhpurs or Breeches underneath, whilst adding an extra layer of waterproof protection to keep you warm and dry.

An extra benefit is that they can keep you clean when grooming or washing your horse. For these particularly wet and dirty jobs (poo picking in the rain anyone?), a pair of waterproof trousers really do come in handy! This means any mess can be solved by taking them off and throwing them in the wash. A must have for avoiding last minute show disasters too!

How much added protection do you get?

The level of protection you enjoy varies, depending on the type of waterproof trousers you buy. Some offer a very basic level of protection. These trousers, in my opinion, are ideal for quick rides or trips to the stable if you don’t need anything too durable or expensive. These are also a better option for spring and summer showers, as they are not built for thermal protection.

The more technical trousers cost more but give you more. These riding trousers offer not only waterproof protection, but thermal insulation as well. They are more suited for colder days, snow days or heavy showers. The advanced fabrics keep you bone dry, warm and toasty. That makes them an essential commodity for those wet winter days!

‘The Look’- will they cramp my style?

Many people become self-conscious when it comes to wearing waterproof riding trousers. Sometimes how you look becomes more important than the practicality of keeping warm and dry. My answer to this is that, surprisingly, they are quite pleasing to the eye. They come in a variety of colours and designs which are form fitting and flattering to wear. So there is no need to worry that they will make you look bulky or out of touch. In any case there is nothing that looks worse than soggy trousers!

Are waterproof horse riding trousers a worthwhile investment?

That would be a definite yes! In my view waterproof riding trousers are must haves. They keep you warm and dry and are both practical and stylish. No two pairs are exactly alike, so if making a style statement is your thing, then you can be sure there will be a pair to suit your needs.

As they can be used for everyday riding or as protection for breeches when travelling to competition, you will get your money’s worth. There is no reason why you should expose yourself to the rain and dirt. Save yourself the soggy washing and grab yourself a pair! You will be pleasantly surprised...


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