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Blind Horse Boo Loses His Guide

Horse and Hound recently highlighted the tragic story of a wonderful horse called Boo.

Boo is a Clydesdale and a resident of Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk, the largest such establishment in the UK. Redwings has been rescuing and offering new homes to horses and donkeys for over 30 years. The sanctuary takes in 150 animals every year. Sadly, some of the animals are so sick when they arrive that they don’t make it, even with the exceptional level of care offered by Redwings. Those who survive live their rest of their lives happily at the sanctuary but there can still be problems along the way.

Boo’s Story

The adorable Boo had lost an eye after suffering from cancer. But his bad luck didn’t end there. He was then shot in his remaining eye at point blank range rendering him completely blind. The perpetrators of this evil act were never caught. Boo was moved to Redwings in 2009 in order to receive the specialist care that he needed.

Hero Horse Oliver

Once at Redwings Boo was introduced to Oliver, the horse who would become his friend and help to rebuild his confidence. The two horses became great pals and were soon inseparable. Unfortunately, Oliver was recently diagnosed as suffering from severe impaction colic. Oliver was 28 years old and so was considered too old for surgery. He was put to sleep with Boo at his side.

Oliver had enabled Boo to trust again and gave him the opportunity to enjoy life once more. But now Oliver was gone. It has been necessary for the veterinary staff at the sanctuary to closely monitor poor Boo as he grieved. Happily, he has now been introduced to a new companion who is called Flynn and is a 19-year-old cob. The two have started to form a bond and this is helping Boo to cope with his loss and to move on with his life.

Helping Hand

Hopefully the adorable Boo has found a friend to help him for the rest of his life. But all of the horses and donkeys at the sanctuary need the help of animal lovers because Redwings is funded by donations from the public. There are too many stories like Boo’s and the sanctuary needs all of our support to ensure that these horses are properly cared for. The work they do is truly inspiring. 


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