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Excuses, Excuses – Chores in Cold Weather

The winter weather can make life hard at the yard and so you might find yourself using it as an excuse to put off work that you really should be doing. Like a naughty school kid who has forgotten their gym kit, you will find all sorts of reasons why you can’t get stuck in. But putting off important chores just stores up problems for later and won’t help your horse.

It’s Too Cold to Ride

How many times have you told yourself that it is far too cold to ride? Or that your horse won’t appreciate the conditions? In truth, it is you who doesn’t fancy the stormy conditions. Your horse would probably welcome them if the alternative is being stuck in their stable all day.

You need to raid your wardrobe to find your warmest clothing, man up a bit and get on with it. Dig those thermals out! The exercise will do you both good. You will feel like you have achieved something and you will ensure that your horse isn’t too full of energy when the warmer weather arrives in spring.

Practice Can Wait Until the Conditions Improve

Can it? If you have a lesson arranged and need to practice your technique it can be hard to motivate yourself after a trying day at work if the temperatures are sub-zero. But you really should crack on. You won’t make any improvements sitting on your sofa. Plus, you don’t want to feel like a school kid who hasn’t done their homework when you next see your instructor. You never know you might actually enjoy your exercises once you get started.

Tack Doesn’t Need Cleaning Because the Next Show is Weeks Away

Don’t fancy working on your tack with freezing fingers? It is easy to use the distant date of your next show as excuse to put off important chores. But you could always take your tack home with you and work on it in the warmth of your home. You can stock up with all your tack cleaning products here and do a thorough job. With your favourite TV programme to watch or some great music playing, this chore won’t seem so onerous.

Mucking Out Can Wait Until Later

The short, sharp shock of stepping out on cold morning can mean that you decide to put off mucking out until later in the day. But it is always best to get the unpleasant work out of the way. Then you have the rest of the day to enjoy the time you have with your horse. In any case, that hard work will warm you up a bit!

There’s No Point Cleaning the Tack Room in Winter

If it’s cold and miserable you might tell yourself that important tasks like cleaning the tack room can wait until spring. But why not get the job done now so that you have more time to enjoy riding in the warmer weather? A tidy tack room will also ensure that you have everything in good order. You'll be prepared for the show season and won’t be searching frantically for what you need when it’s time to get on the road.


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