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Customise Your Look with Horse Riding Hat Silks

Horse riding can be dangerous, particularly if the rider isn't dressed in suitable riding gear. Whilst riders may fall and suffer various injuries such as broken bones, these may be considered minor in comparison to serious head injuries. The dangers make wearing proper headgear essential. It could be what stands between a minor fall and severe brain damage. Riding Hats aren't particularly flattering, however, they are invaluable for safety. What's more, there are a number of ways in which you can customise your hat in order to make it more attractive and comfortable including the use of horse riding hat silks.

Horse riding hat covers

Riding hats are essentially practical items and so can fall short when it comes to style and individuality. That's why designers have created various types of riding hat covers to allow riders to add flair whilst still maintaining a high level of safety. Hat covers are usually similar in appearance to a coloured skull cap which has a short peak. Often, they feature an umbrella pattern with colour variations to suit different teams or colour preferences. Some are made from velvet whilst others include silk along with Lycra or Spandex.

Horse riding hat silks

Horse riding hat silks are essentially riding hat covers made from a silk and Lycra. Some riders use these names interchangeably, however, it's important to recognise that not all hat covers are hat silks. Hat silks are also sometimes called jockey silks. They have a sheen and are available to buy in a range of colours. Black silks are particularly popular as they are very versatile and can be teamed with any riding attire in any given situation. Pink tends to be a popular colour for riding hat silks too, however, it's often combined with another colour in order to complete the umbrella design.

More and more riders are choosing to cover their hats with silks. Once placed on top of the riding hat, the silk gives the impression of a more classically styled velvet hat. The main advantage is that you can change the colours of the hat silk to suit a particular discipline. For example, for dressage and show jumping, you may want to wear a black or blue silk, but then choose different coloured silk for the cross-country phase, in order to match your cross country colours.

Fabric riding hat customisation

The fabric from which a riding hat is made and the safety features are vitally important. Therefore, as long as the hat is manufactured to the required standard, you can personally change the outer design. Adding your own fabric allows you to determine which parts of the hat are covered and which stay open. If your riding hat is vented, for example, you may not want to cover these vents with a total hat silk. You have the option of using your own fabric to cover the sides whilst leaving the vents open. You can easily create your own silk version with your own colours and materials.


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