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Equestrian Attire - What Lies Beneath

Underwear is often an afterthought, especially when we are just popping down the yard or out on a ride. However, it really should be the first thing we think about. Well, at least when we are about to get dressed! Underwear can be uncomfortable and unforgiving, and it can also be the ruination of a good outfit. Horse riding underwear is an extremely worthwhile investment - especially if you spend a lot of time in the saddle!


Most underwear is comfortable when you first put it on but the seams can chafe when you start to ride. Derriere Equestrian Performance underwear is free from stitched seams so will not rub or chafe, no matter how active you are. This clever underwear is fashioned using bonded fabrics and features support stitches where required to ensure that each garment is durable. The fabric is soft, supportive and moves with you so you feel fabulous.

Better still, the range includes padded shorties which enhance your comfort in the saddle further by reducing pressure on the perineum. If your anatomical knowledge isn’t up to scratch then your perineum is the area between your pubic region and your coccyx. The underwear is breathable too and so is truly athletic attire.


OK, so your underwear is rarely in public view but that doesn’t mean that style doesn’t matter. High quality underwear looks as good as it feels. The fine Derriere Equestrian Performance underwear is made from luxurious Italian fabric which marries performance with great styling.

Panty Lines

There is nothing more likely to ruin your look than a visible panty line. Horse riding underwear is seamless and so will minimise lines visible through your jodhpurs or breeches. You will always look elegant as you ride.

Practical Horse Riding Underwear

Good quality horse riding underwear, even padded styles, can be machine washed as so is practical for everyday use. You don’t have to save it for competitions or other special occasions and so can always benefit from the improved comfort it offers.

Underwear may not be the first thing you think about when you are getting ready to ride but it will certainly be the last thing if you choose the wrong styles. If you are uncomfortable in the saddle, then this will be picked up by your horse. You need under garments which work with you, not against you and which allow you to enjoy your riding in comfort.


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