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Equestrian Threatens to Slash Horses’ Throats

Recently a story has emerged which demonstrates the benefits of remaining on good terms – even with people you don’t much like. Sometimes riders at your yard can be a little difficult or annoying, but if you have a falling out, you just never know what they might do.

A Row at the Stables

Kirsty Geoghegan of Shoreham, West Sussex had a row with the stable owners where she rode her horse. She then threatened to slash the throats of five horses at the stable with a poisoned machete! This sounds like the sort of over-blown nonsense that people come out with when they see red. But just days later, five horses at the stables were attacked.

Not so Mysterious Attacks

Thankfully there was no poisoned machete involved in the episode but four horses in the paddock were found to have their tails and manes cut off. At least one horse in the yard also had its mane cut off. The attacks took place in the middle of the night.

The horses’ manes and tails were discovered spread across the paddock and trampled into the ground by the agitated animals.

Reward for Information

Buddy’s Yard is a family run stables. The stables’ owners, local residents and equestrians at the yard were all shocked and appalled by what had happened. A £1500 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest of the guilty party. Sadly, there were no witnesses to the crime. Police conducted a forensic examination of the crime scene but were unable to find any evidence which would identify the perpetrator.

No Escape

However, Kirsty Geoghegan, the most likely assailant, did not escape the consequences of her actions. She had rather stupidly threatened the stables via social media and demanded that a bag containing £5,000 in cash was left adjacent to a caravan in the grounds. She made the threats via an anonymous Facebook account but it wasn’t anonymous enough!

Pleading Guilty

Kirsty Geohegan eventually pleaded guilty to blackmail at Chichester Crown Court. She has yet to be sentenced but has been warned that she is facing a spell in prison. Hopefully they will throw the book at her!

No Isolated Incident

The attack in West Sussex was not the first incident of its kind in recent years. In 2014, 15 horses had their manes and tails hacked off during an attack in Cumbernauld. On that occasion there was no obvious motive for the crime and the vandals were never identified.


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