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Game of Thrones Stunt Horses Wow Star Cast

Proving that you don’t need CGI to create impressive scenes on an epic scale, the stunt horses of the hit TV series Games of Thrones have wowed the cast.

80 specially trained horses have been filmed for the largest battle ever to feature in the series. Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow in the series has described how intimidating it was when 40 horses charged at him. The Battle of the Bastards featured in episode five of series six. Harrington had to stand his ground until the last minute as the horses thundered towards him. The sequence was made possible by Camilla Naprous of stunt company the Devil’s Horsemen.

Safety First

When you watch the battle, it looks as if the horses were colliding with each other. However, Ms Naprous had ensured that the horses passed through 2ft gaps so that they couldn’t be injured. When the horses fell after their riders were "killed" by arrows, they landed on padded beds. You would never know it when you see the skilfully edited footage. The team only permitted the horses to fall three times during a day’s filming. They also mounted a remote-control camera to a Land Rover so they could keep up with the horses.

The Devil’s Horsemen

Camilla Naprous is the daughter of stuntman Gerard Naprous who founded more than 40 years ago. The family keeps over 100 horses at their base in Milton Keynes. The horses are mainly Andalusian and Lusitano breeds from Portugal but the company also trains Welsh cobs. The Games of Thrones Battle of the Bastards was filming took place in Ireland and so they had to transport 80 horses there from Buckinghamshire.

Celebrity Horses

Ms Naprous carefully studied battle scenes before filming started. She then worked closely with the production company’s visual effects team to ensure that they could capture the perfect footage without injuring the horses.

Having played such an important role in a memorable battle scene, the horses are now almost celebrities in their own right.

Charity Work

The equine stars of Game of Thrones are now helping to improve the lives of working horses across the world. Following their starring roles, they have been supporting the "" campaign run by the equine charity Brooke. This has been designed to highlight the plight of working donkeys, mules and horses in developing countries.

Camilla Naprous was anxious to promote the work of Brooke. She has released exclusive pictures and information to the organisation relating to the horses in her stunt team. This has enabled the charity to gain valuable publicity for their campaign. Brooke’s aim is to educate owners and workers in horse welfare in order to ensure that their animals enjoy much happier and healthier lives.

The stunt horses of Devil’s Horsemen have certainly made a huge impression. Their support of Brooke will ensure that they continue to do so. They are working horses too but enjoy exceptional levels of care both when they are performing and when they are relaxing at home.


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