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Hi Vis Horse Riding Vest & Road Safety

If you ride regularly then your activity will inevitably involve you spending some of your time on the public roads. This can be extremely hazardous and so it is essential that you ride appropriately, equip yourself with the best safety gear and acquaint yourself with the Highway Code. There are approximately 3,000 incidents on the roads involving horses each year in the UK. Some of these accidents result in serious injuries and even fatalities. It is vital that you do everything you can to enhance your safety which includes wearing a hi vis horse riding vest.


The British Horse Society provides training for riders and offers a Riding and Road Safety Test. Training will enhance your safety considerably and so represents an excellent investment.

Road Craft and the Highway Code

A good knowledge of the Highway Code will always prove useful whether you are riding or not. Familiarise yourself with rules 49 to 58 as these refer to riding on the road. You must observe the rules of the road at all times.

You should always remain vigilant when on the road. Be aware of the potential for oncoming vehicles to appear suddenly and watch out for cyclists as you won’t be able to hear them approaching. Keep an eye on the road surface as this could be slippery and be aware that vehicles, aircraft and anything else which makes a load noise could spook your horse at any time. Watch out for those plastic bags and wheelie bins too!

Safety Gear

If you are thrown from your horse when out on the road then you could collide with a variety of fixed objects including fences, road signs, bins, lamp posts and the road surface itself. You should always wear a safety helmet which fits correctly and is fastened securely. You should also strongly consider wearing a Body Protectors. This could prove to be the difference between getting a minor knock and a much more serious injury. Finally, do ensure that you are wearing the appropriate footwear. There is no substitute for a good pair of Riding Boots.

Reflective Clothing

Your safety in bad weather or in poor light will be considerably enhanced if both you and your horse are sporting reflective garments. A hi vis horse riding vest will make you far more visible to traffic and these safety bibs won’t put a large dent in your finances. Some styles of High Viz horse riding vest incorporate cameras which are extremely useful for recording footage of any incidents. This will enable you to identify who was at fault should this prove necessary.

You are also able to invest in reflective sheets, breastplates, bridle pads, fly veils and wraps to enhance your horse’s visibility. It is impossible to have too many safety aids when you are on the road. Unfortunately, horses can be unpredictable and other road users won’t necessarily be looking out for you or driving sensibly.

There are far too many accidents involving horses on our roads. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim! By taking the right precautions and riding appropriately, you can minimise the risk of becoming yet another unfortunate statistic.


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