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Horse Coat Conditioner & Summer Grooming Tips

Summer is finally upon us, so you will want your horse's coat to look pristine. Whilst it is, of course, a priority for him to look his very best during the show circuit months, proper grooming is also essential for health and comfort. Whether he's enjoying a lazy day in the pasture, or you're heading out for a countryside hack, the summer grooming care you provide is invaluable. It helps to keep your horse comfortable during high temperatures and bright sunlight, whilst also protecting his coat from irritating conditions. Here's some horse grooming tips for the summer months.

Trim your horse's mane and tail

Mane, tail and coat care is essential for keeping your horse cool during the warm weather. Trim his mane and tail and keep his coat clipped on the run up to summer. This will prevent him from becoming too hot. You should also invest in a good grooming kit for clipping and trimming to make the task easier for you and more comfortable for your horse.

Buy horse shampoo and horse coat conditioner

Grooming supplies such as Horse Shampoo and horse coat conditioner are a necessity if you want your horse to look his best during the summer season. Add sponges as well as a sweat scraper and hand mitt to your grooming supplies so that you have everything you need in one kit. Proper coat care will ensure that your horse's coat is a rich, full colour and that it shimmers beautifully as it reflects the light. Horse coat conditioner restores essential oils, helping to repair a dry and brittle coat while keeping manes and tails tangle-free.

Keep insects at bay

When temperatures rise during the summer months, insects become more active. Failure to take the right precautions can mean that they will make a beeline for your poor horse. If your horse is flicking his tail constantly or running away from biting flies and other pests, he is expending energy needlessly. Whilst you're busy keeping him cool and ensuring that his coat shimmers, take a minute to protect him from insects too. Use insect sprays along with fly masks when your horse is outside of his stable. Stable traps will keep your horse comfortable whilst inside so that he doesn't get stressed trying to fend off pesky bugs.

Keep show horses out of the sun?

I'm personally of the belief that for a coat in tip-top show condition, it's a good idea to keep your horse out of the sun. The sun's rays can bleach your horse's coat, changing its colour and drying out the hairs. Staying in his stable during the peak of the day or using a when the sun is shining brightest protects a show coat. It can also help protect him from painful and unsightly sunburn (along with sun cream of course).

Having said this, some equestrians believe that sunlight benefits a horse's coat and that it only actually causes damage when a coat is sweaty. They claim that sunlight won't dull the coat if sweat is removed before turning the horse out. What have you found?


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