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Horse Riding Hat Bags & Other Hat Care Tips

Your riding hat is possibly the most important piece of riding gear that you own. It could save your life if you are kicked or fall from your horse. Good riding hats provide an excellent level of protection. But they are not indestructible and must be looked after carefully if they are to continue to provide the protection that you need. There are a number of things that you can do to help keep your hat in good condition including using horse riding hat bags and regular cleaning.

Cleaning Your Riding Hat

Your helmet is going to get dirty and a little smelly no matter how hard you try to keep it pristine. A hat cover is a good investment and will keep the exterior clean but the inside of the helmet will require attention from time to time.

Simply wipe over plastic hats with a damp cloth on the outside. Brush velvet hats to remove dust and dirt but only when they are completely dry. You can also use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to draw out the dirt. Wipe over that hat using soapy water. Don’t completely immerse your helmet in water and don’t put it in the dishwasher, regardless of what it is made of. Some owners of plastic hats claim that dishwashers work wonders but the hot environment could affect the structural integrity of the helmet.

Don’t use any solvents on your hat. This is because they could break down the protective foam, the adhesives and any plastics in the shell. You can use soap and water to wipe the inside of your helmet. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before you do this. If you find that unfortunate odours persist, don’t spray chemicals of any kind on the hat as you don’t know what effect they will have on the structure. You can invest in deodorising rock called zeolite instead. The rock can be left in your helmet when it is stored to draw out the nasty niffs.

Wet Helmets

If you have ridden in the rain and your hat is wet, then allow it to dry naturally. Don’t leave it too close to a heat source and never hang it on a radiator to dry. If your hat is velvet then, once it is dry, brush it over to liven up the pile of the fabric.

Storing Your Helmet – The Advantages of Horse Riding Hat Bags

Store your helmets in horse riding hat bags. This will protect the hats from dust and will shield them from impacts in transit. A horse riding hat bag will also protect your hat from accidental spills. However you should allow your helmet to air after use and before you put it in the bag. Keep your helmet in a cool place if possible and never leave it lying around in direct sunlight. This means that the back shelf of your car or a gate post is not a good place to keep it!

Safety is Paramount

It is best to replace your helmet immediately if it is involved in an impact. It might look undamaged but structural issues will not necessarily be visible. The protective materials in helmets will start to break down eventually. Replace your helmet every five years to ensure that it offers the maximum protection -


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