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Horse Stain Remover - When Bathing Isn’t an Option

When it comes to stains Murphy’s Law is always fully operational. Stains always appear at the most inopportune moment such as on the morning of your biggest show of the year or when you are already incredibly late. Stains have to be dealt with, even when it is too cold for bathing or when you don't have facilities available for a comprehensive wash. So how do you banish those manure, mud and grass stains from your horse’s coat?

Balanced Diet

Before we get to the solution for stains we should talk about prevention. Life is much easier if stains are a rarity! It helps if your horse has a good diet as this means that its coat has a plentiful supply of natural oils. The oils will ensure that it is harder for stains to cling to your horse’s coat and that they are easier to remove. If your horse’s coat isn’t passing muster then consider introducing a dietary supplement which is formulated to promote a shiny coat.


In addition to feeding your horse a balanced diet you can also use your choice of equine shampoo and coat conditioner to keep your horse’s coat glossy and in tip top condition. This will help to keep the stains at bay.

Drying Out

Stains are generally easier to remove when they are dry as you can simply brush some of the material away and the stain is less likely to spread when treated. If the stain is still damp and you have any time to spare then allow to dry before you work on it.

Tackling the Stain

Start by working with a rubber curry comb. This will loosen the stain and expel some of the material. Brush off anything that you have loosened up. Then spritz some horse stain remover such as NAF Muck off or Barrier Grass and Stable Stain Remover. Work on the stain with a rag or cloth. Try not to let the affected area get too wet as this is liable to result in the stain spreading. Then leave the stain remover to do its work for a few minutes. It should dissolve the stain so that there is little or nothing left to tackle.

You should now be able to wipe the stain away with a damp cloth. Dry the area as effectively as you can so that it doesn’t attract more dirt.


Always take your horse stain remover with you when you travel with your horse to shows. You never know when it will come in handy and it could save your bacon. If your horse is a grey then carry white power with you too just in case you encounter a really stubborn stain that simply won’t shift in time. Gold Label Show White Powder is a good option.

Stains may choose the most inconvenient moment to appear but if you have the right products to hand you will be able to tackle them effectively and quickly.


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