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How to Clean Your Horse Rugs

You will have made a significant investment in your Horse Rugs and so it is well worth taking the time to look after them. A well-cared for rug will remain in good condition for longer and so will provide the best protection for your horse. It is essential that you clean your rugs regularly and a little effort will ensure that you save money in the long run as your rugs will need replacing less frequently.

Using the Services of a Professional

If you are pushed for time or don’t have the ability to cope with larger rugs, you should seek the services of a professional rug cleaner. They will have the necessary know-how and facilities to clean all of your rugs and may also be able to undertake any repairs which are required. But using a pro is the most expensive way to go! You may prefer to save your hard-earned cash and clean your rugs yourself.

Using Your Washing Machine

Small, lightweight rugs are often machine washable which makes taking care of them easy. But larger rugs won’t fit in a standard machine and so you will need to clean it by hand. If you do use your machine, follow the washing instructions for each rug carefully as they may vary.

Cleaning Horse Rugs by Hand

Remove all of the straps from the rug, place them in a pillow case or washing bag and clean them in your washing machine. Add a little detergent to reduce odours.

It takes time to clean your rugs but your efforts will be rewarded. Start by laying the rug over a fence to afford easy access to it and then use a hard-bristled brush to rid the rug of any dirt and debris. Turn the rug inside out and repeat the process to remove sweat and hair.

Get your hands on a large bin or tub and fill it with hot water. Add non-bio soap and mix well before dropping your rug into the water. Use a clean stick or broom to agitate the rug and then leave it to soak.

You should them remove the rug from the tub and lay it out on a clean floor. Now it’s time to scrub the rug with a hard-bristled brush or broom to remove any stubborn stains. It’s hard work but great exercise – honest! Rinse the rug in clean water and then hang it over a washing line, fence or pole to dry. You should not store or use the rug until it is completely dry.

Special Cleaning Aids

There are a variety of products available to help you clean and maintain your horse rugs. At Equi Supermarket we feature the excellent and which are formulated to clean your rugs without damaging them. You will also discover for canvas and nylon rugs which will help you to keep them waterproof and protective for your horse.

Do you have any special tips for cleaning rugs which will help your fellow equestrians? If so post a comment right here to share your knowledge!


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