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How to Make Horse Ownership More Affordable

There’s no escaping the fact that horses are expensive. But if your finances are challenged then there are ways to mitigate your costs. Even if you have no problem covering the bills, why spend more than you need to? Here’s our top tips for saving your hard earned cash.


If you are currently funding the cost of full livery then consider whether or not you can do more of the work yourself. Choosing a reduced level of service or going DIY is the easiest way to save the pennies. But you must be sure that you have the time to properly care for your horse. If time could be a stumbling block then think about whether there is anyone who can help you out.

If your time challenges are restricted to certain days of the week then it might be possible to do a reciprocal deal with another owner. You probably aren’t the only one with other commitments so you should be able to find someone who could use some backup.

Bulk Orders

Both feed and bedding are going to be cheaper if you order in bulk. It is worth talking to other owners at your yard to see if they would be interested in clubbing together. You will be able to purchase what you need at lower prices and there should be savings on your deliveries too. It might also help to investigate the seasonal nature of some pricing. Is it cheaper to make your purchases early or at certain times of year?

The Vet and Farrier

It may be possible to reduce your costs if you speak to others at the yard and arrange for your farrier and vet to attend to several horses on the same day. There is no point in you all paying for call-out charges.

Working at the Yard

Does your yard need a helping hand? If you do have some spare time then you could offer to help out at your yard in exchange for a reduction in fees. Even if all the regular tasks are covered, there may be seasonal or one off projects that the staff at the yard are struggling with such as repairs and painting.

Sell your Spares

If you have accumulated a hoard of tack and accessories and don’t regularly use certain items then perhaps it is time to turn some of your gear into cash. If you don’t need it then sell it on!


Commuting to and from the yard and travelling to competitions is a regular expense that you should address. Are you able to car share with someone who lives close to you? If you require a trailer or lorry could you find someone to share this with or would hiring make more financial sense?

There are always ways to save money. Examine every aspect of what you do to see what can be achieved. Even small economies here and there will soon start to add up to a significant saving.


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