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Katie Price and the Clipping Controversy

Taking a look at Katie Price, a clipping controversy and why it might have been better do go with some designer horse under rugs instead...

Some people seem to be magnets for controversy. Katie Price is certainly one of them. Famous for her looks, several failed marriages and her appearances on reality TV shows, Katie Price never seems to be out of the news. That is despite the fact that she rarely achieves anything of great significance to the world. This week she has hit the headlines again and this time it is her treatment of her horses that the tabloids have jumped on.

Katie’s love of riding is well known and many have viewed her enthusiasm for equestrianism to be something of a saving grace. However, somewhat typically, even this has now landed her in hot water.

So what has Ms Price done this time?

Diamond Cuts

Well, she has clipped her children's ponies. Nothing outrageous there you would think but it is the nature of the clipping that has sparked a raft of criticism on social media. The ponies now sport heart and diamond designs on their hindquarters. Most riders looking to pimp their horses’ appearance might have invested in crystal encrusted tack, bespoke designer turnout rugs or go for a standard full body clip and use fancy horse under rugs instead. They might even have considered braiding their horses’ mains or tails. But not Katie Price.

The Queen of Hearts

Katie posted pictures of the ponies’ haircuts on and there was an immediate backlash. Many of her followers were disappointed because the clip simply seemed inappropriate. Others thought that clipping was cruel; not realising that horses are regularly clipped to help reduce the amount they sweat when exercising with their winter coats. It isn't cruel, of course, but question marks have been raised as to Katie Price’s clipping skills. It would be easy for an unskilled groomer to nick a horse, especially when trying to create intricate designs. Clipping needs to be done with care and consideration for the horse or pony but it is quite normal to see clipped horses.

Even People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have had their say. Mimi Bekhechi, PETA’s UK director commented "Clipping patterns into a horse’s hair is about human vanity and reduces smart, sensitive animals to playthings. If Ms Price wishes to shave hearts and diamonds into someone’s hair, we suggest she use her own head and leave animals out of it."

Some Instagram users have defended Price by saying that what she has done could be compared to dog grooming. That probably isn't a great defence when it comes to PETA!

Publicity Stunt

As Katie Price is about to unveil her latest reality TV project "Katie Price’s Pony Club" cynics might suspect that this whole episode has been a deliberate act of self publicity. Price’s clipping skills might be under the microscope but she has never lacked ability in the publicity department.

Whether the patterned clips were unreasonable or not, Katie Price has garnered publicity for her new show. On reflection, some designer horse under rugs or fancy tack might have been a better way to get it. I guess we will wait and see..


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