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Kicking Horse Buckets

When it’s OK To Kick The Bucket

I remember that when I first started riding much of the equipment around the stables was a lot more primitive than it is today. That certainly included the various buckets used around the yard. There was an assortment of rigid plastic and metal horse buckets which looked really scruffy and it definitely wasn’t funny if you kicked them.

[caption id="attachment_368" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Typical Horse Buckets[/caption]


Trip Hazards

People were always tripping over things and there were probably more injuries sustained in the yard than there were riding. These included my poor foot being trodden on by a large dray called Remus and my badly bruised knee. The latter was the result of a stable bucket being left just outside the door of the tack room. I was carrying a saddle and simply didn’t see that horse bucket! The next moment I was on the floor with the saddle on me instead of a horse and my knee took the weight of my fall. Then there was the stable wheelbarrow which had a life of its own but that is another story!

How we could have done with more flexible equipment, preferably in loud colours that were much harder to miss. These days life is so much easier because you can use Tubtrugs!

Flexible and Versatile Horse Buckets

Tubtrugs offer a great collection of tub horse buckets which are flexible in every sense of the word. They are suitable for use at home, in the garden, at the stables and anywhere else you care to mention. The tubs are fashioned from flexible material which means that you can step on them or walk into them without injuring yourself. It is perfectly OK to kick the bucket. Horses can step on them or kick them too and without hurting themselves.

The tubs are light when empty and so highly portable but despite being both light and flexible, the tubs are extremely robust. They are also frost resistant which is a real boon – no more filling a bucket with water only to find it has cracked in the cold weather and you have deposited your water all over the yard.

The tubs are UV resistant and free from phthalates. These are synthetic compounds which are used as plasticisers in many products but which are hazardous to health. The tubs are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect for feed, water, storage and waste.

Colour Choices

The best news of all is that Tubtrugs are available in a variety of colours including loud and funky shades that you simply couldn’t miss, even when carrying a saddle! The bright colours make the tubs far more visible and help to distinguish your tub from the others in the yard if you are sharing the facilities.

Tubtrugs are a great innovation that simply make life safer and easier. These versatile and durable tubs will stand the test of time and so represent an excellent long term investment.


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