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Looking on the Bright Side – Why Winter Isn’t All Bad

It’s tipping with rain, your fingers are cold and your paddock has turned into a mud bath. The swanky new turnout rug that you spent your last pennies on is hanging in the tack room and won’t dry and you are covered in mud. Welcome to winter riding! But is everything about winter simply a pain in the proverbial or should you cherish at least some aspects of the colder months?

Appreciating the Seasons

When you are knee deep in mud or have just sprained your ankle after a slip on that icy patch in the yard, summer seems like a distant memory. It is all too easy to wish your time away whilst you wait for the warmer weather. But do remember that many people who move to warmer climates say that they miss the changing seasons.

There is something special about the red and copper hues of autumn foliage and the dusting of frost on the trees at first light on a winter’s morning. What better way to enjoy the wonders of nature than on horseback? Some winter days are truly hateful but there is nothing better than a crisp and sunny January morning. The clarity of light is extraordinary and it is the perfect time to take a ride in the countryside.

Home Comforts

After a winter hack or time spent at the stables in the cold, you will feel especially virtuous and can reward yourself with a wonderful hot bath and perhaps a slug of your favourite tipple. You can use the drop in temperature as the excuse you need to invest in the new coat that you have had your eye on not to mention the stylish stable rug that you have been putting off paying for. Winter means guilt free shopping!

Equestrian Sports

Winter is the season when you can participate or watch hunting and jump racing. These exhilarating equestrian sports offer something for everyone to enjoy and you will miss the thrills when the summer comes.

Jumping and Schooling

You can still compete in the winter as there are indoor events to enter. You can also take advantage of an indoor arena to hone your skills and to school your horse ready for the summer season, even when the weather does do its worst.

If you are a hardy soul, then you take advantage of the fact that most people aren’t. There will be less competition for time in the arena and less people out and about. So that means more time and space for you to enjoy your riding!

Winter delivers many challenges. However, it can also be a special and joyous time when you can experience nature at its best from the comfort of your saddle. Don’t give in to the cold, roll with it and you be surprised how much you enjoy yourself.


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